Smart Cookies For Back To School

I’m a little late with my back to school cookies, but our district doesn’t actually go back until tomorrow.

I guess this means the actual end of this long, fun summer that we had. I really enjoyed reading all of the comments about favorite summer memories. There were some vacations, some moves, some new babies, visiting grandchildren, concerts, and the all time most relatable: standing in front of the AC.

I’ll share with you my most memorable experience from this summer. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite of all time, but when I think back, 2012 will always be the summer this happened.

We joined the JCC this year, because Ellie went to their summer camp. Along with our membership, we have access to their gym and their pool. We can use the indoor pool anytime, and the outdoor pool at the camp on weekends. So, the first weekend, I decided to take my kids (by myself- remember Bryan works on weekends) to the big outdoor pool. I know this isn’t a big deal to everyone, but it is to me. Ellie went off to the deep end to go down the water slides, and I kept Ben in the shallow end with me. We practiced jumping into the pool, I would stand in the water and lift him out, he would jump in and I would immediately grab him because he is two and really can’t swim yet. And this went well for a while. Then he spotted the slides. And he was sneaky about it. He waited until I put him up on the side of the pool and stepped back for him to jump. Then he faked like he was going to jump, turned and ran for the deep end. He was up the ladder and down the slide before I could get out and follow him. Don’t underestimate a mother’s ability to go into super hero mode when her child is in trouble. I beat the life guard to him, dove in and pushed him up and out. He was laughing. No fear. I immediately packed them up and left the pool. I’ll NEVER forget that experience.

These are the cookie I made for Ellie’s first day of first grade.

And these


They were really easy. I outlined and flooded the cookies in white then when they were completely dry, I used edible food coloring markers to make the lines and text.


  1. Lay your cookie down on a piece of notebook paper. Line up a piece of stiff paper with the horizontal lines on the notebook paper.
  2. Trace the line with a blue marker (mine is obviously low on color).
  3. Line the paper up vertically with the red line of the notebook paper.
  4. Trace that line with a red marker.
  5. Draw your letters/ numbers using a black marker. (My camera battery died at this step. I’ll be better prepared next time.)

So, let’s work on making some nice fall memories now.



3 thoughts on “Smart Cookies For Back To School

  1. Your little Ben puts me in mind of my almost 3 year-old grand daughter. No fear and quick as lightening. I’m glad that his little slide adventure ended on a happy note though I doubt he and Ellie weren’t too happy to have to leave the pool early.

    Your back to school cookies are wonderful! I love all your detail and the blue printing lines and red margins. I still remember learning to print and write in those lined notebooks and being told in Primary Grades to use our index finger to space our words and letters πŸ™‚

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