My Photo Space

September is a really busy month and it’s hard to find the time to keep up with all things online. Looking back at last September, I was really slow on my page then, too. Sometimes it takes an invitation to share to motivate me to produce something to share.


These cookies were made kind of last minute at night, and I didn’t think I would even have a chance to photograph them. But, as you can see (and you are too kind to point out), I had some overflow to the right side of this cookie:

and when I was experimenting to see if I wanted to add a star, or leave the “extra cookies for siblings” blank- I chose blank- I wound up with this cookie that I did not want to give to my friend. ┬áThen when Georganne of LilaLoa asked to see everyone’s photo areas, I decided that this was the perfect cookie to use to show you my space.

I don’t have a light box yet, fancy or homemade. It’s on my list, as I have a big work area in the dining-turned-craft room that would be perfect, but the room gets no natural light. I make almost all of my cookies at night, so having a light box would let me make more tutorials, so maybe I should push it to the top of the list. For now, this is my set up.


  1. This is the area I use most often.
  2. My favorite cookie photographing plate.
  3. Sometimes I need a larger space, so I’ll spread everything out on some scrapbook paper on the floor by the open front door.
  4. My big bag of scrapbook paper.

Typically, I use the corner by the window.


  1. My kids’ toys are perfect for propping up the plate to get a better angle.
  2. If too much of the wall behind the cookie is showing, and the grey doesn’t quite match, I’ll use a piece of scrapbook paper in the background.
  3. Sometimes, I’ll throw something under the cookie if it coordinates.

Once I take the picture, it sometimes sits on my camera card for weeks. Eventually, I upload it to my computer, and I used to stop there. Then The Bearfoot Baker posted about this awesome {free} photo editing site- I use it now to touch up my photos, add a watermark, and make collages.


After I upload my picture to the site, I auto adjust, then touch up the brightness a little bit more. Then I’ll straiten it out and crop it. Last, I’ll add a watermark, then save it to my computer. Very easy.

Well, Bryan got an unexpected day off today, so I think we are going to go apple picking now. I hope where ever you live, the day is as beautiful as it is here!