Fang Cookies (And How To Make A Cute Card Using Picmonkey)

Yay! I figured out how to take a screen shot! And double yay! My toothache did NOT require root canal (yet…)! And, yes, the two subjects are related!

I’ll start with the toothache. Here’s something you never knew about me. I never learned to put my hands up in front of my face when I fall. As a result of this, I have broken my two front teeth more times than most people break dishes in their sink. The first time I fell, I was seven and I tripped in the parking lot of the old Vet Stadium leaving a Phillies game. Since then, I have progressed from small tooth colored fillings, to veneers, to full on crowns. That’s a lot of trauma for two small front teeth. Two weeks ago, I started feeling a little achy and I had my mom take an xray. My dad thought he may have seen a small abscess at the root of one tooth and suggested I visit a friend of his, an Endodontist (or root canal specialist) to check it out. He was pretty sure my poor tooth had had enough.

I called on a Thursday and made my appointment for that Monday. To keep my mind busy, I made the endodontist some cookies.

Then I played around in Picmonkey and came up with a cute card to go along with the cookies.

I’m going to try my best to show you how I made this. (Bear with me, I just figured out how to take a screen shot on my MacBook and I either went nuts and took too many pictures, or I didn’t take enough to get my point across….)

The very first thing you’ll need is a blank white picture to use as your base. I followed this tutorial from Something Swanky.

Now, upload your blank canvas to Picmonkey.

See the little Jack-O-Lantern on the bottom left? That is where Picmonkey is keeping it’s cool Halloween effects.




Click on the Jack-O-Lantern and it will bring up the categories of Halloween effects. I used Vampire and Trick-or-Treat to make this card.

Click on Vampire and choose your background from Textures. After you choose your background, hit apply.

From here, I went back to the categories and chose “Trick or Treat”. Then “Scary Silhouettes”. After you chose your silhouette, hit apply.

I went back to “Vampires” to add my text.


Then I added a Bat from “Overlays”.

And… I forgot to get a screen shot of the final card. Well, you get the point, right? When you are done, click on the icon above your picture that looks like two layers with an arrow pointing downwards. This will merge all of your layers onto your blank white picture (you can also do this after each layer is added). Then you can save the picture by clicking on “Save”.

Oh, and it turns out that the ache in my tooth is most likely just due to repeated trauma (I am sure I was hit in the mouth by the back of a two-year-old’s head at least 15 times in the past two months). And, although I am sure the root canal is in my future, I was allowed to leave the office with only a warning, “Stop getting hit in the teeth”.



One thought on “Fang Cookies (And How To Make A Cute Card Using Picmonkey)

  1. I hope everything worked out O.K. at the Endodontist appointment. I love your cookies but your Thank You card is absolutely wonderful. I’m sure the Endondontist was very touched by your thoughtfulness.

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