Inspiration Challenge: December {Winter Wonderland)

When you wake up in the morning, look out the window to see several inches of freshly fallen snow, and check your phone to find a text from your boss saying that the office will be closed that day, what is the first thing you think about doing? If it’s pulling the covers up over your head and going back to sleep, we have something in common. It’s the first thing I think about, too. Until the six year old (who knows the snooze button very well on school days) comes bounding through the door, launches herself across the room and rips the blanket from over my head, screaming, “it’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing, can we go outside, can we go outside, can we go outside……….etc, etc, etc!!!!!!” I glance over at the clock and notice that it’s only 7am (wait- her alarm doesn’t go off until 7:30 and she usually hits snooze until I make her get up at 7:50- what is she doing up at 7am? Snow instinct?) but I know there is no use trying to reason with her. I grab some sweats and dress her in as many layers as I can fit under the snowsuit and we are out to make snow angels before breakfast (*see note below picture).

Snow Angel (Winter Wonderland Inspiration Challenge) Ellie's Bites

(* The above scenario has not actually happened, only because we haven’t had a ton of snow in the last two years. They are predicting a lot more snow this year, and I am predicting the above scenario will occur.)

In actuality, I really like snow! I like the look of it. The view into the woods behind our townhouse is incredible- like a snow fairy’s forrest.  I love to watch it come down….from inside the house… through a window….cup of hot chocolate in hand.

So, stay warm this winter and make these cookie snow angels instead of snow snow angels.

You’ll need:

  • A cookie iced in white
  • Snow angel template
  • Wilton’s color mist in silver
  • White icing in a soft piping consistency
  • White sanding sugar

To make the snow angel template, draw your angel on a piece of stiff paper (ignore the fact that I used regular white paper it curled up after only a few cookies) making sure it is sized for your cookie. Cut out the figure, making sure the outline is intact. Lay your template across your cookie, hold it with one hand and spray the color mist lightly with the other hand. Life the paper away carefully so you don’t get too much bleeding, but a little is fine because it will be covered up.


Practice on a paper towel first, it’s hard to find the right pressure you need to spray lightly.


The cookie on the right was the first one, and I used way too much pressure. If I had practiced first, it wouldn’t have been wasted.

Snow Angel four steps (Ellie's Bites)

After spraying, wait a minute until the alcohol in the spray has evaporated and the image is dry. Outline with the white piping icing and immediately sprinkle generously with the sanding sugar. (The reason I suggest using a soft piping consistency is so that it doesn’t dry too fast , and the sugar sticks.) Ignore the fact that I made these at night, and took the pictures the next day, so my piped outline had dried completely.

That’s it! Now head over to Simply Sweets by Honeybee and see what beautifulness Melissa created for us this month and link up your Winter Wonderland cookies 🙂

Next month’s challenge isn’t as much about finding inspiration in the things around you. It’s more about finding inspiration in yourself. “New Year/ New You”. Challenge yourself to try something new. Painting on a cookie? Building a 3D cookie? Brush embroidery? And if you’ve never tried to make a fancy cookie before, but always wanted to, now is your chance! Stretch your imagination and I’ll bet you can do a lot more than you think you can!

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