Gingerbread Dreidel

Happy first night of Chanukah. Or Hanukkah.

Last year, I was searching Pinterest for fun Chanukah ideas, and I have to say when it comes to cookies, there is not much out there. Most of what is out there is beautiful, but I wanted to try to come up with some different ideas. Something beyond the blue and white dreidels and stars. I came up with eight ideas! And I know one of my faults is that I am always having good ideas, but I don’t often carry through. This time will be different. I have already baked seven of them. And photographed six. I have almost a week to make one more, and take pictures. I think I can handle that! So here is day one:

Gingerbread Dreidel (Ellie's Bites)I made this 3D gingerbread dreidel using this recipe.  I didn’t take pictures of the step by step process, because I honestly didn’t think it was going to work! Bake six squares using the same size cutter, then 4 more squares using progressively smaller squares. When the cookies came out of the oven and were still warm, I cut them again to trim the sides and keep the squares the right size. From there, I attached the sides using a thick white royal icing. I attached the four sides first, using whatever I had lying around to hold them up until the dried. When they were solid, I attached the top and bottom. While I waited for those to dry, I attached the four smaller squares to each other then to the box. Last, I attached the pretzel handle. When I was confident I could pick it up without it falling apart, I piped on the letters.

We didn’t try to see if this would spin, but if you make one, and you want to play the game, here is a great description of how to play. 

I’ll be back tomorrow! Right now, I am going to go put away the presents the kids got today, and watch them play with the big box one of them came in.


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