Shiny Chanukah Cookies

When we moved into our townhouse, about two and a half years ago, we bought ourselves a Wii Fit as a housewarming gift. We have a nice finished basement to put it in and I still had a bunch of baby weight to lose. It worked great! I used it daily and I was dropping some weight while having fun! Then I accidentally kicked the side of my daughter’s rocking chair, broke my toe, and took a break from the Wii. This was almost exactly this time two years ago, around the time I shifted my baking hobby into high gear and that put an end to the weight loss! And the Wii, although not entirely forgotten, collected a little dust. Until now. Last night’s Chanukah gift was “Just Dance Disney” and, I’ll tell you it’s a better workout than any of the Wii Fit games. So, we moved it from the basement to front and center in the living room and I’m hoping it will play a part in the “sweat for thirty minutes a day” philosophy of the get motivated-and-get-your-butt-moving facebook group of cookiers I belong to. Anyway, that was just a little update of where we are gift-wise. Here’s today’s cookies.

Chanukah Platter

This was a platter of cookies that I made for an old friend of mine to take to a family Chanukah party.

I love how I was able to get the muted color simply by spraying the cookies with Wilton’s pearl mist. The coins were sprayed with silver.

Chanukah Cookie Platter

Are you celebrating Chanukah? What has been your favorite gift so far (either to give or to get)? I am so excited to use the cookbook Bryan got for me (The Smitten Kitchen), in fact if I can finish the cookies I need to make tonight- Christmas Cookies!!!!- I may flip through it a bit and make my meal plan for the week. If you don’t celebrate Chanukah, how is your gift shopping going? Are you done yet?


4 thoughts on “Shiny Chanukah Cookies

  1. The shiny cookies are amazing! The gelt ones are better than real gelt, I think!

    As far as gifts go, I got a new key for my car, because mine broke like a week before Hanukkah. Great timing!

  2. These are really beautiful! Where do you live? I would love to order from you for next year’s Hanukkah! I have never seen cookies like these anywhere and if they taste half as good as they look, you will definitely have a great business!

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