Easy Christmas Trees

A few months ago, I accidentally made a batch of cookies and only added enough sugar for a half of a batch. Fortunately, they happened to be squares, not some obscure shape, so I was able to freeze them just in case inspiration should strike. You can always find a use for plain squares. Then I saw some cute Christmas tree tee shirts made with ribbons, and I was inspired to pull out one of those squares.

Ribbon Trees (Ellie's Bites)

You’ll need

  • squares or circles outlined, base coated, and dried
  • Stiff green icing and a petal tip (size depending on the size of your cookie- this was a 101)
  • Red and green confetti sprinkles
  • Yellow star sprinkle
  • Stiff brown icing with a star tip

Ribbon Tree Collage (Ellie's Bites)

1- Pipe a ruffle along the bottom of the cookie, leaving room for the tree trunk. Add some confetti sprinkles using tweezers.

2- Pipe more rows of ruffles with sprinkles, making each row a bit shorter to create a triangle. Attach the star sprinkle to the top  with a dab of icing.

3- Add a trunk with your star tip.

That’s it! Wouldn’t these be cute packed in a cellophane bag with some small red, green, and white circles?




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