Love Song Cookies

Out of all the Christmas cookies I made this year these were, I think, my favorite. In fact I think they may have been my favorites of 2012. If not my favorite- definitely in the top ten. What I loved about them, is how pretty they looked with one base color and a song piped on in the same color. (Did that make sense? It is so loud in my house right now, I can’t hear myself think!) Any way, of course it was simple enough to redo them for Valentines Day using love songs instead of Christmas songs.

While searching iTunes for some of my favorite love songs, I was surprised to find myself going back to The Beatles over and over.

Beatles Valentines Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


I had also, while playing around with no real idea in my head, cut out a large heart cookie and a smaller puzzle piece heart from the middle. I was trying to decide how to decorate this, and every time I looked at the smaller heart, I kept thinking to myself, “what should I do with this little piece of the heart?” Now, baby…

Janis Joplin Valentine Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


Haha, it is so loud in here right now. Ellie is home from school for MLK Day and Bryan is home with her since I have to go into work in an hour. They’re playing Monopoly Jr. and Ellie is slowly dominating the board. She has a whole song and dance routine going every time she gets a property or he lands on one of hers. It’s seriously these moments that remind me how lucky I really am.