Hollywood Walk of Fame

Soooo. The Academy Awards are this Sunday?  This year I have actually seen all ONE of the movies that are up for an award!!! I hate to admit how seldom I actually get out of the house at all, let alone to the movies. The other day, Bryan and I saw “Identity Theif”, which was hysterical, but probably not a contender for best anything for 2013.

To be honest, it probably wouldn’t have mattered how the movie actually was. It would have been awesome no matter what! Apparently at some point over the last few months, someone at the theater ripped out all of the seats and put in these ginormous, comfortable, leather armchairs. I’m not kidding. They bought my loyalty, even though I’d be afraid to bring my kids. I’ll just keep taking them to the other theater down the street. The one with the old chairs. Hollywood Walk of Fame Cookie (Ellie's BItes)


I didn’t feel right devoting much more time to making Oscar cookies than I took to actually watch any of the nominated movies. So these are actually really easy.

First, mix up a batch of vanilla dough, and a batch of chocolate dough. I use this recipe and this recipe from Lilaloa, but if you have a vanilla recipe you love, in most cases, you can make a chocolate version by taking out a 1/4 cup of flour and substituting 1/4 cocoa powder.

Roll out and cut squares from the chocolate dough. Then use a small star cutter and cut a star from the square. Cut a star from the vanilla dough and place it into the empty star shaped hole in the chocolate square. Bake as usual (according to the baking time of the chocolate recipe).

After the cookies cool completely, gather your sparkly supplies:

hollywood walk of fame


Gold color mist, gold luster dust, gold or silver disco dust, an extract of some kind, a small bowl and a clean paintbrush (that you only use for painting on cookies)hollywood walk of fame 2

Spray the whole cookie with a light layer of gold mist. Paint the star with a layer of gold luster dust mixed with the extract. Mix a little of the extract with the disco dust and paint a light layer over the chocolate cookie. Let the alcohol from the extract evaporate so the color dries.

hollywood walk of fame 3


Using a black food safe food coloring marker, color a black circle onto the star, leaving the outline of the camera gold. This isn’t easy, admittedly. Only one turned out right. Of the other five cookies I made, some cameras look more like Mickey Mouse playing the bag pipes, some look like turkeys, and there is definitely a Dalek in there. But, you’ll probably get the idea.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


The movie I actually saw was Les Miserable. Loved it. Did you see any of the movies? Which was your favorite?


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