One Fish Two Fish

Did you ever make a set of cookies that you love so much, that you have to share them, even though there really isn’t much to write about and anyway, you have about 30 things to do before you go to work in two hours, so you are just going to post a quick run on sentence and a picture and promise that it won’t happen again, well, not often anyway?

One Fish Two Fish (Ellie's Bites)Happy Monday!



6 thoughts on “One Fish Two Fish

  1. Yes! I totally agree. I did a similar set and I’m not a cookie decorator by trade. Just a future first time grama!! These are beautiful. I like the water you put behind them. I didn’t think to do that. I told the gals at the shower that, “No, I don’t take cookie orders. I can’t really decorate like this. These just turned out well!!” Yours are beautiful!

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