Cereal Cookies For St. Patricks Day…Or Valentines Day….Or Whenever

I made these cookies for a wedding shower, but on the off chance that the recipient reads my blog, I won’t share the really cute centerpiece cookie with the couple’s name on it yet.

BUT…. I DID make a tutorial to share. So that’s something, right?

Lucky Charms Wedding Shower cookies (Ellie's Bites)


As much as I like handcutting, I am happy to say that I was actually able to find cookie cutters that I could use to make these cookies. That’s right, I didn’t hand cut a single one of them!

The spoons are made from baby rattles, and the milk bottles are baby bottles. The cereal bowls took a bit of altering, and I took a few pictures.

Cereal Bowl Collage1- Using a round cutter of whatever size cookie you want, cut a circle

2&3-Use the scalloped side of the same cutter to make a scalloped top. To do this, carefully angle the cutter so you are only using the top of the cutter to cut only the top of the circle. It won’t remove completely, so you’ll have to cut the sides with a knife to remove the scalloped top.

4- Using the knife, trim the bottom of the circle so it’s flat.

Decorating Cereal Bowls


  1. Using white piping icing, outline the shape of the bowl.
  2. Fill in the outline with flood consistency white icing. Let this dry until it is at least surface dry.
  3. Give the bowl a little depth by piping a rim to the bowl. You can flood this too to give it more dimension, but I didn’t do that.
  4. Start piping pink hearts.
  5. Fill in a few orange stars.
  6. Add your yellow moons.
  7. Follow with your green clovers.
  8. Throw in some blue diamonds.
  9. Finish with purple horseshoes and forget to take a picture.

You can obviously add some red balloons and any other marshmallows they may have added since I last ate Lucky Charms. And don’t feel like you even need to make Lucky Charms. Make Trix or Cocoa Puffs if that is more your cereal.

Lucky Charms Cereal Wedding Shower Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


9 thoughts on “Cereal Cookies For St. Patricks Day…Or Valentines Day….Or Whenever

  1. These are BEAUTIFUL…the colors are so vibrant! Makes me think of spring! Ok…I have to ask you a question…and I really should ask some of the other cookie bloggers as well. Most of the cookies I make are for either gifts or people who order them. But for those who mostly blog or do tutorials, what do you do with all of the cookies? Does your family eat them all? Do you give them away? I’m just curious because I would LOVE to bake and blog more because I really want to expand my skills…but my orders are very limited and my husband and sons don’t like sugar cookies at all. That is why I wondered…what do you do with all of yours that you blog about and write tutorials for? 🙂 (Probably sounds like a silly question…haha…but I seriously just wondered.) Melody 🙂

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