Hidden Easter Eggs

I am so excited that I was a part of this fun project put together by Hani of Hanielas! We were asked to create a project (cookie, not cookie, non-baked-good…anything) that is related to Easter in some way.

I couldn’t immediately think of anything specific to do, but then I walked into Kitchen Kapers and found some fun mustache cookie cutters and an idea took hold.

So, I baked some egg shaped cookies and played around, trying to make them pretty.

Hidden Easter Eggs (Decorated) (Ellie's Bites)Then I dressed them up a little- you know, in costumes.

Hidden Easter Eggs (Ellie's Bites)

Then I hid them.

Hidden Easter Egg (On The Beach) (Ellie's Bites)I hid one on the beach……

Hidden Easter Egg (Royalty) (Ellie's Bites)

One in a palace…..

Hidden Easter Egg (At High Noon) (Ellie's Bites)One in the Old West at high noon….

Hidden Easter Egg (Magnum PI) (Ellie's Bites)

And one in Hawaii. He’s a private investigator now.

Hidden Easter Eggs 1(Ellie's Bites)

Now you have to see all of the other amazing projects! I get a little flutter in my chest when I think that my project stands among this talent!

3D Easter Bunny by Marielle – De Koekenbakkers

Chick Cupcakes by Robin – Bird On A Cake

Mrs. Bunny Centerpiece by Myriam – Chapix Cookies

Cheesecake Easter Eggs by Beth – Hungry Happenings

Cho “Bunny” Greek Yogurt Pops by Jill – Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Hidden Easter Eggs by Stephanie – Ellie’s Bites

Easter Egg Cupcakes by Liz – Hoosier Homemade

Easter Treat Pouches by Elena – Just Me

Mini Meringue Cake by Karyn – Pint Sized Baker

Bunny Cake by Kathia – Pink Little Cake

Easter Gumball Machine by Marlyn – Montreal Confections

Easter Island by Laura – A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe

Easter Bunny Sandwich by Michelle – Creative Food

Bunny Garland by Sue – Munchkin Munchies

Egg Hunt Pound Cake by Jennifer – Not Your Momma’s Cookie

Dutch Easter Egg by Lorraine – Lorraine’s Cookies

Easter Egg Painting Chicks by Mike – Semi Sweet

Easter Basket Cookies by Amber – Sweet Ambs Cookies

The Carrot Patch Cake by Kim – The Partiologist

Cookie Bunny Pop by Meaghan – The Decorated Cookie

Pretzel Bunnies by Sarah – Miss CandiQuik

I, Robot Egg Cookie by Hani – Haniela’s


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