Lorax Cookies

About two weeks before Ben’s Willy Wonka party, we were walking around Target looking for things I needed when Ben announced that he decided he wanted a Lorax party instead. Now, I had just sent out the invitations (golden tickets wrapped around Hershey bars), but I hadn’t bought anything else. So we walked around the store debating the pros and cons of Willy Wonka verses the Lorax as far as party-ability. In the end we finally agreed (and yes, I negotiated a deal with an almost three-year-old) that we would have a Wonka party and bring Lorax cupcakes into daycare.

Lorax Cupcake


I took some pictures along the way, because it was actually very easy to make this cookie topper. I used a mustache cutter from this set and a small oval cutter.

Lorax Collage (Ellie's Bites)


  1. Cut out your mustaches.
  2. Cut out two small ovals per cookie. Use the oval to cut notches into the mustache to fit the eyes- I did take a picture of this step, but it was blurry 😦
  3. Outline your mustache in yellow piping icing (I used an Ateco 1 tip)
  4. Flood the mustache.
  5. Pipe two white eyes, using a one step consistency (thick enough to hold its shape, but thin enough to settle flat, 10-20 second consistency). Let this dry overnight.
  6. Add details. Using the yellow, pipe lines on the mustache and eyebrows. Using the orange, pipe a nose (I actually was going to use orange jelly beans, but I didn’t have enough. I think it would be really cute to use jellybeans.) Color the eyes using black and blue food coloring markers.

I baked vanilla cupcakes, topped them with a swirl of orange colored vanilla icing, and topped each with a cookie. Ben was happy. I’m a sucker.

Lorax Cupcake (Ellie's Bites)



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