Little Bunny Family

A few weeks ago, my friend Melissa texted me a picture of two bunnies sitting side by side. In the picture, you see their backs as they look out into the sky behind them. It looks like they are either enjoying a nice conversation, or enjoying a comfortable silence together. Either way, they were obviously bunny friends having a nice time together. ย She said she had sent the picture to our other friend, Kim, because it reminded her of them. Then, she said, she looked at it and it reminded her of me and my kids. I’m kind of obsessed with them. I really liked that, the idea of sitting and looking at the stars with a child on either side of me, talking about their day.

So I made the idea into cookies.

Easter Bunnies (Ellie's Bites)

The larger of the bunnies is my absolute most favorite cookie cutter for Easter (it came in a two pack with a carrot last year or the year before from Walmart or Target- I really should have been more diligent about remembering). You could make it a front facing bunny, absolutely, and give it a little face with whiskers and eyes, and little buck teeth, maybe include little paws holding a little carrot. Absolutely. (I may be a little dependent on the word “absolutely”?) Since I was making this based on a picture of bunnies facing AWAY from the camera, I made their backs… with little sugar bead cotton tails.

Since this is my ABSOLUTE favorite Easter bunny cutter, I wanted to make a smaller version of the same shape to be my little bunny Ellie and bunny Ben. This is what I came up with.

Mini Easter Bunny (Ellie's Bites)

I used the mini bunny face (again, I forget where this is from- maybe Wilton’s Easter mini set?) and a small heart (that I KNOW came from Wilton’s graduated heart set). I cut out the bunny face, and a heart. Then I used the pointy part of the heart to cut a notch into the bunny face. I fit the heart, upside down, into the notch, then used a knife to cut the heart flat. Then I used my fingers to pinch the bottom of the heart into two little feet. Now we have little mini bunnies that match my favorite bunny cutter!

This is a quick easy bunny set you can make if you need something for tomorrow. After baking your bunnies and letting them cool, mix up your icing and divide it into several bowls. (As many bowls as shades of icing you want.) Dye one bowl with white food coloring (if you use clear vanilla in your recipe, you may not need to do this.) If you want an ombre shading like I did, line your bowls up next to each other. Start with two drops of color in the first bowl, one drop in the second, one drop of color with a drop of white in the next, and one drop of color with two drops of white in the last. Reserve some white thick icing for outlining. Thin the rest of the white and all of the colors down to a thicker flooding consistency. I like about a five second count for this.

Outline your bunnies with white and let them set for a few minutes. Then begin to flood your bunnies with your colored icing. Do one to two at a time (depending on your climate and how fast your icing dries) then add your white polka dots while your colored base is still wet. Add a large sugar bead for a tail. Continue until all of your bunnies are covered and dotted and… tailed. Let dry completely, or overnight if you can.

So, speaking of my friend, Kim. Keep and eye out for her blog, The Cookie Puzzle, all throughout April.

Speaking of Melissa, I’m linking these bunnies to her blog, Simply Sweets by Honeybee for Simply Sweet Saturdays.

 Simply Sweets by Honeybee


4 thoughts on “Little Bunny Family

  1. Well…look at those…they are just like the stinking cute are those? WOW..I love them, I am not so good at faces on cookies, so this is a great option…do the backs. Love them so much. Happy Easter my dear sweet friend….see you on my blog next week…hehehe!

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