Simple Kentucky Derby Themed Cookies

I made these cookies last week, and although they were quite frustrating at times, they were actually very simple to make. Kentucky Derby Theme Wedding Shower Cookies (Ellie's Bites) First, a few days ahead of time, you’ll need to make your royal icing transfers. Draw the image that you would like to use, or find one online and print out several on one sheet of paper in the size you’ll need. I used an image I found online and altered the shape of the ears and hair tufts to make them a bit sturdier. My images are about two inches square to fit onto a three inch cookie. Place the paper under a sheet of wax paper and outline the image with dark grey piping icing, then flood with icing of the same color. Make way more than you’ll need. Once you think you’ve made enough, make more. Then a few more. Then one more just to be safe. Let your transfers dry for as long as you can, at least 24-36 hours. Once dry, spray your transfers with a light layer of silver color mist. Then gently remove them. What worked for me was to slide a very sharp knife blade all the way under the transfer until it lifted entirely. Since they are a bit big, they had the tendency to break when I tried peeling the paper from the transfer. If they are not completely dry on the underside, flip them over and let them dry for a while longer. At some point, while the transfers are drying, bake your cookies- these are three inch scalloped rounds- and base coat with white icing. Let this dry completely. When both cookies, and transfers are 100% dry, use a chevron stencil and silver color mist to create a background.  (I got my stencil at Michael’s, but there are a bunch of stencil shops online now including: The Cookie Countess and Salsa Stencils. ) Kentucky Derby Themed Wedding Shower Collage 1 (Ellie's Bites) Kentucky Derby Theme Wedding Shower Cookies Collage 2 (Ellie's Bites)

  1. Make your transfers.
  2. Use a template to add a background design to your dry white cookie.
  3. Use a small amount of white icing to gently attach your transfer.
  4. Using red flood icing, make several small circles. Try not to let them touch. Let these circles dry for about 10 minutes.
  5. Use red piping icing to make swirls.
  6. Fill in the spaces between roses with more red circles and allow these to dry for about 10 minutes.
  7. Finish the wreath with red piping icing swirls on the rest of the dots.
  8. Easy and pretty!

The reason these were frustrating was the number of transfers that broke.  As long as you make plenty of extras this is a pretty stress free project. The main thing I learned with this project was when the transfers didn’t pop off like they usually do when peeling the paper back, I needed to stop, reevaluate and come up with a Plan B. It was humid here last week, and the transfers weren’t drying all the way through. As soon as I figured out that the best way to remove them was with the knife, I didn’t get any more breakage. Then I was able to flip them over and allow them to dry all the way through. So maybe you can learn from my mistake (a lot sooner than I figured it out!) This tutorial can be applied to just about any theme, too. I didn’t get a chance to take a nice picture, but I made these dragon cookies the exact same way. IMG_5721   Wow were those dragon tails frustrating! This post is linked up at Party In Your PJs at The Cookie Puzzle and Simply Sweets by Honeybee.



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