All American American Girl Birthday Party

It’s been two weeks and I think I have finally recovered from post birthday party burnout! Or post PRE-birthday party burnout, actually. Go go go go go go PARTY stop open presents clean up write thank you notes and practically before the last guest walks out the door, she’s requesting the theme for NEXT year’s party. Whew.

Before I share the pictures, I should probably explain something. I did this one to myself.

A few months ago, Ellie was invited to perform with some Broadway actors in a fundraiser for her summer camp. She, along with seven other campers, sang “For Good” from “Wicked”. On stage. In front of A LOT of people, some of whom perform on Broadway regularly. Have I ever mentioned how much I admire my daughter?

Around the time of the performance, she developed an obsession with the show “Wicked” and begged us to take her to see it on stage. A trip to NYC was just a bit out of our budget at the moment but it just so happened that Wicked was going to be at the Academy of Arts in Philadelphia in July. Although this is still out of our budget, it wasn’t quite as damaging since it’s only about 20 minutes away: we could eat dinner at home and avoid the inevitable  (and bank account draining) trip to the American Girl Store. So we agreed that this would be her birthday present AND her birthday party, bought our tickets, and had one happy little soon to be seven year old on our hands.

She LOVED the show. Everyone within three rows of us knew how much she loved the show by the way she stood up at intermission and said, in the loudest voice possible “I LOVE IT!”

And I was so proud of her, and she was such a good sport, and she didn’t even ASK if she could have a party. So I offered to have a handful of her friends and their dolls over for a small tea party. And we all know I am incapable of keeping it small.

Ellie's 7th Birthday Party Table (Ellie's Bites)

Ellie's 7th Birthday Lunch Table (Ellie's Bites)

For lunch, we had tea sandwiches, both girl and doll sized, and lemonade, both yellow and pink.

Ellie's 7th Birthday Cake (Ellie's Bites)

The cake I made was chocolate with vanilla meringue buttercream and a layer of fresh strawberries. I still dream about it sometimes.

Ellie's 7th Birthday Party Cupcakes (Ellie's Bites)

Both girls and dolls had vanilla cupcakes.

Ellie's 7th Birthday Star Cookies

And both girls and dolls had cookies.

Ellie's 7th Birthday Party Hats and Favors (Ellie's Bites)

There were party hats for both girls and dolls.

Ellie's 7th Birthday Party Favors

And both girls and dolls left with party favors. Matching cookies and seed bead bracelets.

The girls used puffy paints to decorate tee shirts for themselves and handkerchief dresses for their dolls. They also made doll sized cupcakes out of pompoms and mini cupcake liners. But their favorite activity was simply playing with their dolls.

The non-party was, in my opinion, a success.


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