Scarecrow Cookies

I had the opportunity to make some really fun cookies. Someone I know, who throws the most creative birthday parties for her girls, asked me to make scarecrow cookies for her daughter’s fall themed birthday party. I was really excited, and as the time grew nearer, I started making some sketches. But nothing looked right. My scarecrows looked, well….. a little too scary. Good in the middle of a corn field. Not good on forty cookies staring at you from across the room.

I turned to clipart to get some inspiration and found some cute images, one that actually came close to what I had in mind. But there were a few things I wanted to do a little differently. Like the coloring. But I couldn’t figure out what colors I wanted to use. Then I remembered these cookies from SugarBelle:

 Finished Scarecrows

So I combined a little of these cookies, a little of the clipart, and a little of my own adjustments, to come up with my own version.

Scarecrow Cookies (Ellie's Bites)

This is how I did it:

Scarecrow Cookies 1

First I printed and cut out the clipart I liked. I used it as a template to hand cut the cookies and, after they baked and cooled, I traced the shape onto the cookie with an edible ink marker to get a general idea of the shape I wanted.

Scarecrow Cookies 2

Second, using ivory piping and flood icing, I outlined and flooded the face. Then I allowed this to dry for several hours.

Scarecrow Cookies 3

Next, I outlined and flooded the hat, using a warm brown (I made a mix of ivory and chocolate brown with a dab of orange).

At this point I got worried, because instead of a scarecrow, I saw this:

Scarecrow Cookies 4

But I pressed on, and once I added the details to the dry faces, the scare crows shaped up.

Scarecrow Cookies 5

Using piping icing in a mixture of gold and egg yellow, I piped straw poking out around the neck and under the hat (another thing influenced by SugarBelle’s scare crows). Then I used black piping icing to make eyes and a smile, red to make a nose and a hat brim, orange to make a rope tie around the neck, and orange, green, and brown for hat details. Then I gave him a little color on his pale cheeks with some pink luster dust and a pain brush.

And that is how I combined different images to come up with another idea.

If you’re not into hand cutting your cookies (and I think I may be the only one in the world who prefers it!) follow the link under SugarBelle’s picture to find her original post and learn how to make those adorable scarecrows.


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