Custom Candy Spooky Eyes

Oh my. I have started to write this post four times and erased it each time. I seem to be suffering from some writer’s block today! Well, without any long story then, I’ll just jump into what I made, ok?

I love using Wilton’s pre-made candy eyes on my cookies. I know how easy it is to make your own from royal icing, but sometimes I still get a little bleeding and I don’t always know the reason. Sometimes I’ll even get bleeding on only one eye out of three dozen. I’m not sure and since it doesn’t happen consistently enough to diagnose and fix the problem, I usually wind up just using the candy eyes and not taking a chance. Because who wants bleeding eyes?

Monster Eyes


I was excited to find larger eyes the last time I went to the craft store and I had a little fun dressing them up.

Monster Eyes 2


I used my Americolor Gourmet writers to make some fun colored eyes.

Monster Eyes 4


I also found that you can mix your undiluted food coloring to get an endless number of custom colors. Just use a small paintbrush (one that you save only for use on food) and paint away. Oh, and ignore what I said above about “bleeding eyes”…..

Monster Eyes 3


Or bloodshot eyes.

Once I had an assortment of fun and spooky eyes, I simply iced some basic oval cookies with black royal icing and dropped the candy eyes onto the icing before it dried.

Colorful Eyes Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


For even smaller eyes, I used large sugar beads and drew on the pupil with a black food color marker.

Colorful Eye Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


The above is a dramatization of my eyes during and then after a long night of cookie decorating.

Colorful Eyes Cookies Under The Bed (Ellie's Bites)


And the above is an example of a way to use cookies to freak out your seven year old, or at least her American Girl (I DO want my kids to sleep at night!). Poor Rebecca.

And if we even needed more proof that great minds think alike, go check out what my friend, Melissa at Simply Sweets by Honeybee, was making at the same time I was making these cookies…. I promise we didn’t even PLAN this. But she has a really delicious spin on making your own spooky eyes and a fun way to use them. And- the spooky eye cookies under the bed picture was her idea.


One thought on “Custom Candy Spooky Eyes

  1. I’ve asked everyone I know to make me some royal icing blue eyes, because you know glaze is pretty near impossible for eyes. I buy the candy eyes all the time and have a huge supply of them and never even thought about using my Americolor pens to draw on them. DUH! You’re brilliant Stephanie. Now everything I make will have blue eyes thanks to you 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Cristin

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