Inspiration Challenge {Naughty & Nice}

It’s that time of year again!

What time? Well, time for another Inspiration Challenge hosted by Melissa at Simply Sweets by Honeybee and myself. But it’s also time to start mentally weighing your actions and wondering which way the Naughty vs Nice scale is going to tip.

Naughty or Nice Naughty (Ellie's Bites)Are you going to come up Naughty?

Naughty or Nice Nice (Ellie's Bites)

Or nice?

Naughty or Nice What's in your stocking (Ellie's Bites)

I guess the only thing to do is be on your best behavior for the next twenty four days and see what happens.

Naught or Nice Cookies (Ellie's Bites)

To make the stockings:

Naught or Nice 3D Stocking How To (Ellie's Bites)

  • Cut two stocking shapes out of your favorite roll out cookie dough. Also cut out a small rectangle. Use the long part of a candy cane cutter to cut a notch most of the way through the rectangle. Bake and cool.
  • Decorate one stocking. Using royal icing, attach the rectangle to the undecorated stocking (or the undecorated side of one if you decide to decorate both, which I just now realized is an option…..)
  • Attach the other stocking to the top of the rectangle using royal icing. Let dry completely.

To make the coal cookies:

Naughty or Nice How To Make Coal Cookies (Ellie's Bites)

  • Use any basic shape cookie. Paint a thin layer of black icing onto the cookie with a spatula. Don’t stress out over any air bubbles or lumps. Let the base coat dry.
  • Use a stiffer (20 second count) black icing and pipe on some lumps and bumps. Try not to let the bumps and lumps touch.
  • Sprinkle a little disco dust over the lumps and bumps and let them dry until the surface has crusted over.
  • Pipe on some more lumps and bumps. Let dry completely.

To fit the coal into the stocking, either roll the cookies out a little thinner than you rolled out the rectangle cookies, or do what I did and use a microplane zester to gently shave down the coal cookie on the back, undecorated side until it fits. (Don’t try to force it or you could risk breaking the stocking cookies.)

Naughty or Nice- Filling the stocking (Ellie's Bites)

If you roll your cookies to 3/8 inch, a standard candy cane will fit perfectly!

Now go see Melissa’s interpretation of Naughty and Nice. I love it! While you are there, link up your Naughty and Nice creations (anything goes- cookie, cake, candy, recipe, craft, etc….)

I’m really looking forward to January’s challenge! Just as the temperature drops get ready to warm up your oven to make something “Warm and Fuzzy”!!

5 thoughts on “Inspiration Challenge {Naughty & Nice}

  1. what a great idea. I love it – I am going to try and come up with an answer to this challenge.
    And, P.S. I love the mandel bread!! So delicious! Thanks so much for a wonderful secret santa!!

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