Sleepy Elf From Ornament Cutter

Originally, I thought I saw some elf potential in the cookies I made from the Wilton ornament cutters from Walmart. I thought the pointy, striped,  sparkly pompom’d hat looked like something an elf might be happy to wear.

It wasn’t until I was playing around in Picmonkey with the picture that I started thinking maybe those little striped hats looked more like night caps. And my elves looked more like happy, sleeping children- dreaming of the presents they might find the next morning.

The Children Were Nestled All Snug In Their Beds (Ellie's Bites)Either way, once I saw cute little faces in cute little caps, I couldn’t un-see it. So I made a cute little tutorial for you. (By little, I mean I had a frustrating mishap with my new air brush and forgot to take several pictures. By cute, I mean that’s what you will think of my tutorial and ignore the missing pictures.)

You’ll need: A light colored icing (I used Wilton ivory mixed with Wilton white) in both piping and flooding consistency, A hair colored icing (I used a mixture of Americolor gold and Americolor egg yellow) in piping and flooding consistency, flesh colored icing (I used a toothpick dipped in Americolor Copper/fleshtone) in one step/20 second consistency, food color markers, pink luster dust, white sanding sugar, red airbrush color (optional- use a red food color marker if you don’t have an airbrush).

Elf from ornament collage (Ellie's Bites)

  1. Cut out your cookies using ornament cutters. Bake the cookies and turn them upside down.
  2. Outline your hats and fill the top part. Outline and immediately fill in a face. Wait 10-20 minutes for the icing to set.
  3. Add hair in two sections, waiting 10-20 minutes between sections. Add a neck (not pictured). Let this dry completely.           Sleepy Elf From Ornaments (Ellie's Bites)
  4. Add hat details with an airbrush, paint brush, food color marker, or icing.  Add a brim and pompom to the hat, sprinkle on some sparkle if you so desire. Add a nose with the fleshtone colored icing and add a mouth and eyes with a food color marker. Add cheeks with some pink luster dust. Pipe some details onto the hair.
  5. Allow the cookie to dry completely before packaging or eating.

PS- thank you to my online cookie friend (SugarNosh Treats) who was able to hear, diagnose,  and  cure my airbrush issue in about five seconds!




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