Easy Grinch Cookies

*****Update- yes, I know it is unusual to update a post before it’s published. Technically it’s called “Editing”, right? I just want to make a quick note. It’s funny sometimes, this cookie world! We all joke that there are so few ideas out there and we are so super proud of ourselves when we think we’ve found one. I was looking at something, and I can’t even remember what, but there was a picture of the Grinch. And when I looked at him, I thought, “Hey! That ornament cutter that I just bought and used to make these is a spot on Grinch!” and I was so excited. I NEVER google ideas when I have them, because I simply don’t want to know that it’s been done. That way, I know that even if what I make is the same as something else, it’s going to be a little bit different. But this time, I actually Googled “Grinch cookies” and “Grinch cookie from ornament cutter” and found nothing. So, this past Saturday, I cut a few ornaments when I was making Gingerbread men for the kids to decorate. And I made my Grinches. Sunday, I took pictures, wrote this post, and scheduled it to publish today. Then I opened Facebook and the first thing I saw was THESE amazing Grinches by Sugarbelle! Really, lol? If someone had to do the same thing at the same time, it had to be someone who would do it PERFECTLY!! I may have cried for a minute. But in the end, and after a long chat with Callye (who, as it turns out happens to be the most encouraging person on the face of the earth), I  moved on. I’d love to chalk it up to great minds thinking alike, but I know it’s only that admiring Callye’s work for so long has given me the ability to see different things in ordinary cutters. So thank you for the lessons in “Cookie Think”!!!! I decided to publish the post as I wrote it on Sunday, so I’m sorry if I pat my self on the back a few too many times! Absurdly long update over- carry on*****

That Wilton ornament cutter I picked up at Walmart is turning out to be almost as versatile as the skull cutter! These Grinch cookies are so easy to make and would be a really fun addition to a platter of assorted ornament or candy shaped cookies.

Easy Grinch Cookies (Ellie's Bites)

All you will need is:

  • Green piping and flood icing (This is Americolor leaf green)
  • Yellow one step (20 second) consistency icing (this is a mixture of Americolor gold and egg yellow, but any yellow you have made already will do)
  • Black piping icing

Cut and bake your ornament cookies. Let them cool completely and turn them upside down so the point is on the top.

Easy Grinch Cookies Collage (Ellie's Bites)

  • Outline the Grinch’s head with the green piping icing and a PME 1.5, Ateco 1, or Wilton 2 tip. Add his tufts of hair.
  • Outline and immediately fill the eyes. (I tried it in black first and didn’t like it as much so I scraped away the black and used the yellow). Drag a toothpick through the yellow to pop bubbles and prevent craters. You can also define the shape a bit by dragging the icing out at the points with the toothpick.
  • Let the yellow dry completely then flood the green face. Let this dry for several hours.
  • Add the details in black piping icing with a PME 1.5 or Wilton #1 tip. Add a nose with green piping icing and let the whole guy dry completely before packaging or eating.



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