What Does Santa Say?

What Does Santa Say (Ellie's Bites)

Oh, to see my three year old dance to “What Does The Fox Say“.  I don’t think I have EVER been that into a song- even on my most Amstel Light, Jersey shore bar, cover band filled night!

Ever since Shannon at Artfully Delicious shared her “What Does The Fox Say” cookies, I have been wanting to make a version of my own.  I thought this was a really fun holiday twist on the whole phenomenon.

They were really easy to make!

You’ll need

  • A cookie base coated in white and dried completely.
  • A Hohoho stencil (A friend made mine for me because I needed it at the last minute but you can buy one here from Salsa Stencils/ Salsa Sweets on Facebook)
  • Airbrush color in green or Wilton’s Color Mist in green
  • Dark Orange icing in a one step/ 20 second consistency (I mixed a little bit of Americolor red with a little more Americolor lemon yellow and a drop of Americolor egg yellow)
  • Sugar Pearls in White and Black
  • Red one step/ 20 second consistency icing
  • White piping icing
  • A fine tipped black food color marker

What Does Santa Say Collage (Ellie's Bites)

  1.  Lay your stencil over your cookie and lightly spray with green mist. (I know I need a bit of practice with my new airbrush!) Let the color dry for several minutes.
  2. Using the dark orange icing, pipe- and immediately fill in- a star shape with a point facing strait down. While it’s still wet, drop in two white sugar beads for eyes, and a black sugar bead for a nose. Let this dry for at least a half hour.
  3. Using the red icing, pipe -and immediately fill in- a hat shape over the fox face. Let the whole thing dry now for several hours.
  4. Use the white piping icing to fill in the white parts of the fox face and add a cuff and pompom to the hat. Use the food color marker to add pupils to the eyes, and whiskers. With black piping icing, add the writing. You can use a kopykake or just eyeball it like I do.

To get the writing on evenly with out a kopykake, I usually count the number of letters and start in the middle of the cookie. Here, I started in the center and wrote “SANTA SAY?” then went back and filled in “SEOD TAHW” or “WHAT DOES” backwards starting again, from the center.

The fox was inspired by this cookie by The Bearfoot Baker.

I hope you get a chance to make these, but if not this year- grab a stencil now and make them next year! Maybe the song will still be around then. Or maybe it’s already had it’s run. I can never really keep up with these things and that is exactly why I am going to embarrass the crap out of my kids someday 😉



One thought on “What Does Santa Say?

  1. Ellie, these are wonderfulf!! I love the fox wearing a Santa hat! I dance to what does the fox say video with my 1 year old grandson. You three year old can bust a move! LOL

    This post made me very happy this morning. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the linkl;)

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