Laughing Leprechaun Cookies

I could use a little Luck O’ The Irish lately. Apparently it doesn’t matter that I have green eyes and my middle name is Erin. I have zero Irish blood in me. And not much more luck either.

In the past two weeks we:

  1. Got tax return.
  2. Got a broken windshield wiper system.
  3. Replaced said windshield wiper system.
  4. Got a broken lap top.
  5. Replaced said broken lap top (with a desk top given past history of breaking laptops).
  6. Caught the refrigerator within days of it breaking.
  7. Replaced said refrigerator. (OK- NOT complaining about that one. We got the best freakin fridge ever.)
  8. Found out my eyes are broken.
  9. Got glasses.
  10. Lost glasses (fortunately just the cheaper reading glasses- I didn’t get the expensive Rx pair yet….)
  11. Replaced cheap reading glasses with cheapest possible reading glasses (given past history of losing glasses within two days) and already figured out how to wear them really low on my nose so I can play on my phone AND watch TV without inducing nausea. TMI? Sorry- just really excited about that.
  12. Said good bye to fair majority of tax return.

Anyway- maybe I need to find an Irishman to kiss?

Well, I made these cute green mustache cookies for Ben’s preschool teacher. And when I was cleaning out my freezer in preparation for aforementioned new refrigerator (or fridgelator as it is known around here) I found some already baked fancy square cookies (that I probably already baked about two years ago but I wasn’t planning on eating them) so I made some happy laughing leprechaun cookies to go with the mustaches. Am I making sense? I can’t get used to wearing these glasses and they are actually sitting on top of my head as I write, not on my nose where they should be and all of the letters on the screen are a little blurry…..

Ahh, that’s better. Here’s the picture-

Laughing Leprechaun (Ellie's Bites)

If you’d like to see how I made these, check out this post. Only, you know, use green instead of white.

If you like these cookies, you’ll probably like these too:


5 thoughts on “Laughing Leprechaun Cookies

  1. Super Cool! I have no idea how you do what you do! Tomorrow is supposed to be an “indoor day” for us on Spring Break (a sort of catch up after a few whirlwind days), and I believe looking at your post has inspired me to do some baking. It won’t be very ornamental, but if it tastes good, it’ll be a score. haha! Congrats on the glasses- and I’m with you on the tax return.

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