Baby Bottles Make Great Rolling Pins

If you ask anyone who decorates cookies to name the cookie decorator who has influenced them and taught them more than any other cookie decorator on the web, I’d guess at least 97% would answer “Sugarbelle!” Callye is synonymous with the art of “Cookie Think”- or looking at a cookie cutter and finding 38 different uses for it. In addition to the intended use.

A group of Facebook friends (a very large extended group of Facebook friends) decided to put together a cookie shower for Callye. We each made two cookies, and sent them off to one sweet, talented, energetic friend who photographed the cookies all together, repacked them, and shipped them off to Callye as a token of appreciation for all that she does for us. Oh- AND to celebrate the new life that she will be bringing into the world very shortly.

I was picturing the early days of my baking journey. Back when Ben was a newborn- I had started baking as a way to take up some time as I had just given up my full time job for a part time job- and he constantly wanted to be held. I got more use out of my Bjorn with him in his first few months than I did in Ellie’s entire first year. And I thought to myself how easy it would be, in a newborn sleep deprived haze, to accidentally pick up a baby bottle and start rolling dough. And I thought to myself, “hey, a baby bottle actually WOULD make a great rolling pin!” And what do you know? It actually does!

Baby Bottle Rolling Pins (Ellie's Bites)



So. Cut out two baby bottles and lay them end to end before baking.

Baby Bottle Rolling Pin Collage (Ellie's Bites)


I had these minis that I picked up at Homegoods, but if you only have a larger bottle, that works too- just trim the bottoms a bit before laying them end to end to bake.

Baby Bottle Rolling Pin Cut Out (Ellie's Bites)


And here is the amazing photograph of all of the cookies together:

Cookie Baby Shower for SugarBelleAs you can see, baking for Sugarbelle brought out the creative side in everyone. Here is the list of the talented contributors:

Contributers to SugarBelle's Cookie Baby Shower


If you look in the top left of the group photo, you’ll see my cookie and it looks different than the baby bottle cookie. That’s because we each sent two cookies and one was sent to the Community Baby Shower for Teen Moms hosted in Seattle, WA. I wasn’t too sure someone who wasn’t a baker would appreciate the rolling pin humor, so I sent a different version.

Baby Shower Rolling Pin Cookies


So remember, Callye. Even in your newborn induced, sleep deprived, haze- Baby bottles may make great rolling pins, but it doesn’t quite work the other was around!




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