Yet Another Cookie Catchup Post

Words can’t even express how embarrassed I am at the amount of pictures sitting (edited already mind you!) on my computer doing nothing. It’s too eerily similar to the action in my 401K from my last full time job, but at least I know what to do with these pictures. And I don’t THINK cookie pictures (unlike the 401K) are depreciating while they sit there. But anyway. Since it’s this weekend was Ben’s birthday, and next weekend is his party, there is no better time to share these than now. Let’s call it spring cleaning. Another thing I am doing nothing about.

Je T'aime Valentine Cookie Swap (Ellie's Bites)I think I’ll start with these. These were made for a Valentine cookie swap with 20 insanely talented cookie decorators across the country. For pictures of the rest of the cookies, check out Life’s a Batch (the coordinator of the whole party!)

Next we’ll move into the category of Wedding Showers:

Elephants and Hearts (Ellie's Bites)The bridal party got together for my cousin and took her to a clothing boutique. She’s a chef and she’s not in much need of kitchen gadgets, so we bought her a wardrobe for her honeymoon. It was a blast and such a creative idea. Plus she’s absolutely gorgeous so buying clothes for her was a lot more fun than buying them for myself (I’m still reeling from the jeans I bought the other day). I made these as little party favors.

Hearts and Elephants (Ellie's Bites)I love this angle, because you can really see the sparkle from the pearl sheen!

Engagement Cookies Feb, 2013 (Ellie's Bites)These cookies were delivered to that same cousin, AT her clothes shopping shower, for a friend of hers who was also AT the clothes shopping shower. Since they were supposed to be a surprise, it was a little tricky. As far as I know, it worked out.

AND… next comes baby in a baby carriage!

Yellow and Grey Baby Shower (Ellie's Bites)These are going down as my all time favoritest cookies ever. The colors, the chevron, the rattles, the polka dots, the rosettes, the Ms. All of it. In love. With cookies. Weird? Do you ever have a set that you just don’t want to let go? They were made to match the invitation.

Pink Cupcake Baby Shower (Ellie's Bites)And these were for a “pink cupcake baby shower.” Also in the running for favorite. Also for a baby “M”. The diamond stencil is from Artfully Designed Creations on Etsy.

And do you remember these cookies, and these cookies? They were made for the shower and the baptism for little Felicity who just turned one! A year is like mere months in cookie baking time. Butterfly First Birthday (Ellie's Bites)Things are even worse than I thought. I never even POSTED Felicity’s baby shower or baptism cookies! I had to search Facebook and Instagram!

Moving on.

As babies grow, and learn to walk, they tend to fall. I made these for my little nephew who fell down and got a big ole ouchie on his arm. Cookie Monster is playing twinsies in his own green cast. Cookie Monster w Broken Arm (Ellie's Bites)

And speaking of kids. I need to go put mine to bed. Tune in later this week for Yet Another Cookie Catch Up Post Sports Birthday Party Edition.


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