Yet Another Cookie Catchup Post Sports Birthday Edition

In honor of Ben’s All Sports Theme Fourth Birthday Party Extravaganza this weekend, I felt that all of the lonely, already edited, sports related pictures sitting on my computer deserved a post of their own.

Steelers Football Cookies (Ellie's Bites)I have been waiting MY. WHOLE. LIFE. for a reason to make these football stadium cookies (originally designed by Ali Bee’s Bakeshop) and I FINALLY got the chance last month. It was worth the wait. They were every bit as awesome and as fun to do as I thought they’d be. I’d do them again in a heart beat. I have never used the words “love” and “football” in the same sentence and actually meant it until now. I LOVED making these football cookies.

Basketballs (Ellie's Bites)I live for being snack mom. It’s actually why I sign my kids up for so many activities. These were for Ellie’s Basketball Cheer Squad.

Bowling Party Cookies (Ellie's Bites)This was another fun cookie to make. They were for Ben’s future prom date, Maddie, who celebrated her fourth birthday with a bowling party.

Pink Bowling Pins and Balls (Ellie's Bites)Maddie’s pink sparkly bowling balls were so fun to make that I talked Reese’s mom into letting me make them again, instead of plain black ones.

Roller Skates (Ellie's Bites)These were also an extremely fun bunch of cookies to make! I loved the way they turned out, although I can’t look at them too long. They were actually brighter in person.

As usual, when I get to make cookies this fun, I really appreciate that I am only making cookies for friends and family. Because I have no problem, when they call and say “this is what I want” and I say, “no, I want to make this like this and you are going to like it” they always do. So thank you friends! I still enjoy every cookie I make. It’s a time consuming, expensive, and sometimes frustrating hobby, but I can’t say there is any way I could be happier with it.


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