Spa Cookies

I made a lot of cookies over the past two weeks. It has also been a very eventful week so needless to say this is the first time I am sitting down in… two weeks.


Ok, moment over.Spa Mask Cookies (Ellie's Bites)

I made these cookies for a spa party, and not only do I think they are very cute and pretty easy to make, but I also made a tutorial (yay! how long has it been since I’ve done that, right?)

One reason these are so easy, is that they are made with one consistency of icing. You’ll need one consistency icing (also known as 10 or 20 second icing, basically it’s icing that will hold it’s shape when piping an outline, yet it will settle flat when used to fill that outline – usually after a count of 10-20 seconds) in the following colors: flesh tone, white, pink, light green, dark green, and whatever color you want to use for hair. You’ll also need a food safe food color marker in pink and green, and some white sanding sugar.

Spa Collage (Ellie's Bites)

  1. Cut out your cookies. This is the ice-cream sundae cutter that I got at Jo-annes last summer. Make an imprint with a round cutter to mark the outline of the face.
  2. Using the flesh colored icing, outline and immediately fill the face area. Let that dry for about 20 minutes or so.
  3. Using the flesh colored icing, outline and immediately fill the neck area. Let the face dry for several hours or overnight.Spa Collage 2 (Ellie's Bites)
  4. Using the white icing, begin making the towel. Outline and immediately flood sections (see above photo #4 for reference).
  5. Let the icing crust over slightly but only on the surface- don’t let the icing dry all the way through (let it sit for 15 minutes or so). Use a paintbrush to gently dab some texture into the towel.
  6. Continue this alternating sections from the left and right (see above photo #6).
  7. Continue until the towel is finished. Spa Collage 3 (Ellie's Bites)
  8. Using a pink food color marker draw a smile (it is important that the flesh colored icing be completely dry so the marker doesn’t poke through or dent the icing).
  9. Use the pink icing to outline and immediately fill the “mask” (you can use any color for this – I used pink because it was for a little girl’s party). Let this dry completely (several hours).
  10. Over the eye area, draw a circle with the dark green icing.
  11. Immediately fill the circle with light green icing.
  12. Let the light green icing dry slightly then sprinkle a small amount of white sanding sugar in the middle. (Letting it dry slightly prevents the sugar from sinking into the icing- you don’t want the icing to crust over, it should still be a little tacky. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes). Add some hair strands under the towel and a little flower.
  13. Not pictured here (see the picture at the top of this post) use the green food color marker to outline the “cucumber” eyes.

Well, I hope you enjoyed! I’ve got a kitchen to clean now. See you soon!

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4 thoughts on “Spa Cookies

  1. You’re such an inspiration Steph. An ice cream sundae as a person. Uggggh my brain is worthless. I’m not worthy. LOL!

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