Star Wars Fifth Birthday Party

Hi, remember me?

Yes, you’re right it MUST be one of my kids’ birthdays again. Why else would I have remembered to take pictures and write a post?

So, just a few days ago, I had a baby boy and in a few days he’s going to be five. It’s funny the way that happens, right?

I haven’t planned his birthday party yet. Bryan will be starting a new job within the next few weeks, (he finally finished graduate school, yes!), and I need to wait until we know his new schedule. But we had the four grandparents and the two great grandparents over for a lunch and cake celebration today.

And without further talk, here are the treats! (Sorry about the terrible lighting it was too rainy and miserable outside for any type of light to reach the dining room. For reference, the cake only LOOKS black and white, in actuality it is blue and gold. JUST KIDDING! It’s is actually black and white, not the weird looking yellow that the icing appears to be. But, you know, if you DO see blue and gold, feel free to make this post go viral, ok?)

The cake….

Ben's Star Wars Cake

The cookies….

Ben's Star Wars Cookies 1

The more cookies…

Ben's Star Wars Cookies 2

The chocolate covered Oreos….

Ben's Star Wars Chocolate Oreos

The whole darned dessert table… (Why yes, there were only eight adults and two children here. Why do you ask?)

Ben's Star Wars Dessert Table

And finally the stinking adorable birthday boy in the tee shirt I made for him using my new Cricut!!!

Ben's Star Wars Tee Shirt

Until next time….. 😉


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