Yet Another Cookie Catchup Post

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Firetrucks and Dalmatians

This has to be one of my favorite sets of cookies ever!

Dalmatian And Firetrucks (Ellie's Bites)There is not a single thing about these cookies that I didn’t love. Does that sound like I am patting my own back? Sorry. I just couldn’t stop looking at them. I think if I couldn’t take a picture to make them last longer, I may not have given them up. Is that strange?

Anyway, I took some photos along the way, so I can show you how easy it really is to make that Dalmatian.

First, find an image you like and print it out. (I used the first image that came up when I googled “Dalmatian”.)

Roll out your dough and lay the image on top, hand cutting around it with a sharp knife. Don’t worry about cutting out the small, breakable details like the legs, just cut the general shape.

dalmatian collage (Ellie's Bites)

After they have baked and cooled, lay your image on top of the cookie and trace lightly with a light colored food safe food coloring marker. Go around your outline with piping consistency icing. Try to pipe slightly on the outside of the marker so the marker doesn’t show. Fill in your outline. Don’t worry about details, just fill in the solid outline. At this point let it dry completely. Overnight is best. When it has dried completely, use a black food coloring marker and your original picture (as inspiration) to add spots, a nose, and eyes.

Dalmatian (Ellie's Bites)When the marker no longer looks wet, use your piping consistency icing to outline the dog shape, adding details like the legs and ears. You can also use a little white icing to give your doggie a glint in it’s eyes. Also optional is a little pink food coloring marker tongue.

See? Pretty easy right?

And this method can work with any short haired dog. I made these chocolate labs the same way.

Chocolate Lab (Ellie's Bites)I’m going to link up to my friend Melissa’s Saturday Linky party. You can link something up, too! Who doesn’t like to show off what they’ve made?

 Simply Sweets by Honeybee

Five Year And Ten Month Birthday Cookies

Once kids start school, summer birthdays get hard to plan. When Ellie was in daycare/preschool, I knew the kids in her class. They were all together, even in the summer. Now, I won’t even know who her teacher will be until a few weeks after her birthday, yet she will be out of this class for a month. She’ll be in camp this summer, but I don’t know how many kids will be in her bunk. She is involved in many activities, but Daisies stopped meeting for the year, roller skating will be over before her birthday, and cheer leading won’t start until after her birthday.

At least they don’t cheat us baking moms out of the chance to make a treat for the class to celebrate our kids’ birthdays. This week, the last week of school, we are allowed to send in something to celebrate the summer birthdays. So I made some cookies for Ellie’s class.

This is what I sent in to school today. It occured to me, as I was making them, that there are more boys in her class than girls. And  I wondered if I should have made them all shades of pink. Then I figured that when it comes to cookies, kindergarten boys are probably color blind.

So, does anyone have any advice on planning birthdays for very socially active kids? Until she is old enough to tell me who her friends are. Right now, if I ask her who her friends are, she will list her whole class, all of the Daisies, and four kids she met on the playground yesterday.