All Sports Themed Fourth Birthday

My kid loves his sports. All sports. Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, golf, bowling, snow boarding, rollerskating….. Any sport not mentioned, he just hasn’t tried it yet.

I asked what he wanted for his fourth birthday. He said, “a sports party.” I asked, “which sport?” He replied “all sports.” So we had a sports party. All sports. (PS he got to ride in a golf cart!)

Ben's fourth birthday invite (Ellie's Bites)I made the invitation in Picmonkey. If you haven’t tried it, you should definitely go play around. It’s a lot of fun! We had the party at Little Sport. We had never been there, so it was a total shot in the dark when I was researching sports themed party places in our area. We weren’t disappointed. Did I mention the golf cart? Selling point. Golf Cart (Ellie's Bites)I don’t want to share too many party pics since I didn’t ask parents if I could share pictures of their kids. There was too much action going on to get many pictures of just my kids. I did get this one, during the obstacle course- mid-leap. Jumping (Ellie's Bites)But, if I know you, you’re here for the desserts, anyway.

I made his cake, and every time I make a cake for my kids’ birthdays, I am reminded why I make cookies. Not cakes. But it tasted darned delicious and the kids weren’t complaining about sloppy edges and no borders! Ben's Sports Birthday Cake (Ellie's Bites)Ben certainly looks happy with it! Sports Birthday Party Cake Time (Ellie's Bites)

I made cookies, too! Ben's Sports Birthday Cookies (Ellie's Bites) And party favors. I went a little bit over board with the party favors. Ben's Sports Birthday Party Favors (Ellie's Bites)If you want to know how I made those awesome golfballs, check out The Bluebonnet Bakeshop on Facebook. She even has instructions here right in the description.

Lest you think I actually only had one cake for my child this year (hahahahahahaha) we also celebrated his actual birthday last week with the grandparents.Skippyjon Jones Birthday Cake- Skippito Benjito (Ellie's Bites) Skippyjon Jones and Skippito Friskito (Ellie's Bites)In addition to sports, he loves his books. Especially old Skippito Friskito!

Now, excuse me while I run off! I’ve got thank you notes to finish. Then I can start planning Ellie’s next party!



Willy Wonka Birthday Party

I went big. Then I crashed and burned, lol. I’ve been such a bad friend/facebooker/blog runner for the past few days! Ben’s birthday party was such a huge success (at least I thought so!), but when it was over, I just wanted to nap! This is the first time in too long that I am even logging into WordPress, that I just found about seven comments in my spam folder that were NOT spam (woohoo!). So if you left a comment over the last week, and it never showed up on the post, I am so sorry! I just took care of that.

If you didn’t know, I decided that it would be totally sane to have a birthday party at my house. I liked the idea of being in control of the food. Most places have restrictions as to what you can bring, if you can even bring anything at all! And since you would figure a party for a Willy Wonka obsessed little boy would heavily involve food, I didn’t see any other choice (parks and playgrounds in March in New Jersey are risky venues for parties!)

Wonka Party Collage (Ellie's Bites)I made the cake in a simple 9×13 and frosted it in vanilla bean frosting using this recipe from Simply Sweets by Honeybee. I topped it with a golden egg and an educated egg-dicator. Along side, were buckets of jelly beans and mini lollipops. Chocolate bars and large lollipops filled metal baskets on either side of the cake. I also wrapped Cadbury Cream Eggs in gold foil, and served a plate of “lickable wall paper” strips (or candy dots)!

I made some bright and colorful cookies.

Wonka Party Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


The Everlasting Gobstoppers were packed up as party favors.

My favorite part of the dessert table was definitely the cupcakes! Morgan from Mighty Delighty made these Oompa Loompa cupcake toppers. They made decorating the cupcakes so easy!

Wonka Party Oompa Loompa Cupcakes (Ellie's Bites) Cupcake Toppers by Mighty Delighty


Using chocolate frosting and some of the vanilla bean from the cake, I tried to copy the clothes the Oompa Loompas wear in the movie.

I was a little nervous about entertaining a bunch of three year olds, but it turns out they pretty much entertained themselves! As they arrived, I brought them strait to the kitchen to decorate their own chocolate dipped pretzel. I laid the pretzel on wax paper and wrote each child’s name by their pretzel. They were hardened and ready to wrap by the time everyone started leaving so I was able to wrap them in cellophane and ribbon and include them in the goody bags!

We played “Pin the Hat on Willy Wonka” (I made a crayon drawing of Willy Wonka on poster board and cut out pictures of hats. The kids stuck them to Wonka with double sided tape- since I didn’t blindfold them, I just told them to close their eyes, they all won!) We also rolled giant rubber balls across the room and pretended we were Oompa Loompas rolling Violet Beaureguard after she blows up like a blueberry. The kids danced to music, bounced balloons, and played in my basement. They had a blast!

It’s now four days after the party, and Ben is still wearing his Wonka costume around the house. 🙂

If you like these Oompa Loompa cupcake toppers, or you want to talk to her about designing custom printables for your party, you can contact Morgan at Mighty Delighty on her facebook page  Or through her shop:  I had a wonderful experience working with her! She listened to what I had in mind and gave me exactly what I wanted!

I hope, if you have a mini Wonka fan of your own, you were able to find some ideas here for your party!