Custom Candy Spooky Eyes

Oh my. I have started to write this post four times and erased it each time. I seem to be suffering from some writer’s block today! Well, without any long story then, I’ll just jump into what I made, ok?

I love using Wilton’s pre-made candy eyes on my cookies. I know how easy it is to make your own from royal icing, but sometimes I still get a little bleeding and I don’t always know the reason. Sometimes I’ll even get bleeding on only one eye out of three dozen. I’m not sure and since it doesn’t happen consistently enough to diagnose and fix the problem, I usually wind up just using the candy eyes and not taking a chance. Because who wants bleeding eyes?

Monster Eyes


I was excited to find larger eyes the last time I went to the craft store and I had a little fun dressing them up.

Monster Eyes 2


I used my Americolor Gourmet writers to make some fun colored eyes.

Monster Eyes 4


I also found that you can mix your undiluted food coloring to get an endless number of custom colors. Just use a small paintbrush (one that you save only for use on food) and paint away. Oh, and ignore what I said above about “bleeding eyes”…..

Monster Eyes 3


Or bloodshot eyes.

Once I had an assortment of fun and spooky eyes, I simply iced some basic oval cookies with black royal icing and dropped the candy eyes onto the icing before it dried.

Colorful Eyes Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


For even smaller eyes, I used large sugar beads and drew on the pupil with a black food color marker.

Colorful Eye Cookies (Ellie's Bites)


The above is a dramatization of my eyes during and then after a long night of cookie decorating.

Colorful Eyes Cookies Under The Bed (Ellie's Bites)


And the above is an example of a way to use cookies to freak out your seven year old, or at least her American Girl (I DO want my kids to sleep at night!). Poor Rebecca.

And if we even needed more proof that great minds think alike, go check out what my friend, Melissa at Simply Sweets by Honeybee, was making at the same time I was making these cookies…. I promise we didn’t even PLAN this. But she has a really delicious spin on making your own spooky eyes and a fun way to use them. And- the spooky eye cookies under the bed picture was her idea.


Ellie’s Halloween Cookies (Day 7)

I won an awesome Halloween cookie care package from Toss Your Cookies which included mini halloween cookie cutters. I made some chocolate cookie dough and added a few drops of black food coloring to make the dough darker (this great idea is courtesy of Lila Loa) and let Ellie loose in the kitchen.

Even Ben got into the action…

The cookies baked, cooled, and the next day, she got to decorate them! I was actually considering letting her try royal icing and piping bags, but at the last second I chickened out and found an emergency container of canned frosting in the pantry (FYI- I’m not talking about a BAKING emergency but that’s our little secret, ok?).

I guess she hasn’t learned if you want to sample the icing, without being caught, don’t sample from the bowl that has been tinted black.

And, of course, Ben got to decorate his.

My best advice would be to eat at your own risk.

Easy Halloween Cookies: Mrs. Frankenstein and Alien Man (How-to)

Did you guess what summer cutters I never got around to using (besides the flowers and the sail boat)?  If you said soft-serve ice cream and the ice cream sundae (from Wilton) then you guessed right!!!!

To make Mrs. Frankenstein, I used the soft-serve ice cream cutter and (using a one-step consistency icing) I gave her a green face:

By “one step” I mean thick enough to make an outline, but thin enough to fill without showing lines (also known as 10 or 20 second icing-mine is usually around 10, any thicker and it is difficult for me to get smooth before it starts to set. I think the variations probably have to do with climate and it has been pretty humid here lately.) I outlined and then filled immediately so the outline wouldn’t show. I allowed this to dry overnight. With the humidity recently, I have had some bleeding issues and didn’t want to take any chances. Plus, it was about 1:30 in the morning.

When the green is set, add a face. And some black streaks in the hair.

I used a drop of the same green icing I used for the face to make the nose, then two big drops of white (using a Wilton #10 tip) immediately adding two drops of black (using a Wilton #5 tip). Go crazy with the hair… this is YOUR Mrs. Frankenstein. (And as I said before, I am not entirely sure she was green in the first place, so creative liberties are welcome to be taken!!!!) BUT if you are prone to bleeding, it is a good idea to make the black streaks first and let them dry for several hours, if not overnight, before adding lighter colors.

Fill in the rest of the hair (if you want to make sections, wait a bit in between each one to add texture) make sure, if you want to add disco dust or sanding sugar, either do those sections first or wait for the others to dry COMPLETELY! Then add any defining facial features or scars (to make her easily identifiable in a line-up if needed).

Alien Man is even easier…. mostly because there is no wrong or right way. I started with the “face”:

Then add “eyes” and a “torso”

Last, give them a “method of movement”.

I imagined my little guys come from a planet with a very rocky terrain, so I gave them wheels and a gliding-hover thing so they wouldn’t be constantly stubbing their toes.

I hope you enjoyed this! I would love to see your version if you decide to try them!

One question- does covering the cookie in silver disco dust make it entirely unappealing to you, or is it just me? I have no problem with white, or rainbow, but for some reason, I can not bring myself to eat the silver ones.

Have a great labor day everyone!! If you want to find me Monday night, I will be curled up on the couch in a little ball sobbing my heart out…….( I think I mentioned Ellie starts Kindergarten on Tuesday….) :,(

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Super Easy Halloween Cookies For The Procrastinators

Growing up, I always knew to be ready to leave 15 minutes before my father said we were going to leave. That’s just the way it was. I went to the movies once, and my dad was going to pick us up at 9:00. Well, the movie let out at 8:30, so my friend and I walked across the parking lot to the ice cream place and we were back in front of the theater by about 8:55. And there was my dad with his arms crossed in front of his chest, tapping his foot. And I knew I was grounded. Because he got there at 8:45 and I should have been ready.

I carried this with me all through college and my first several jobs. In fact, I liked arriving early to class, or work, or doctors appointments. Because I could sit, drink my coffee, read a book, relax.

Then I had a baby. My little girl, Ellie. (I may have mentioned she is starting Kindergarden next week.)  Once she came along, I was never early… but I was ON TIME for everything, and that was still OK.

Then I had Ben. Now I am LUCKY if I am only 15 minutes late. In fact, if I THINK I am on time, it is because I forgot something crucial and I have to run home and get it, and then I will be late. These days, if I plan on doing something on Monday, I MIGHT finish it on Wednesday.

I DID make some Halloween cookies, though. (I still haven’t finished my Back-to-School cookies… they are still sitting on the counter in an airtight bag, waiting….). I actually found some cute cookie cutters I had picked up back in May and I had been meaning to use all Summer. Oh well… they made some cute Halloween cookies. Can you tell what Summer cutters I used?

These guys are easy….

I used a Wilton Teddy Bear and cut off the ears.

Can you tell what cookie cutters I used to make Mrs. Frankenstein (although I thought to myself later that I’m not sure if she actually was either green OR scarred….) and the Alien Guy?

I will be back soon to show you what I used, AND show you how to make them. I promise. Really… soon. I will. *Sigh*