Talk Nerdy To Me

Happy Valentines Day!

I was invited to participate in this really fun Valentine’s cookie project by Lene at Not Your Everyday Cookie. If you’ve been to visit Pinterest lately, you may have noticed that “Nerdy” or “Geeky” is very popular right now. How different high school would have been if Pinterest was around then!

So I thought about how I could combine “Geeky” with “Romance” and my search took me to a galaxy far, far away.

Han and Leia Valentines (Ellie's Bites)Of course, the two words everyone wants to hear after confessing their deepest heartfelt emotions! “I Know.”

Don’t worry- she gets her turn.

Han and Leia Valentine 2 (Ellie's Bites)I think we all knew that it would come down to this, though. There is a fine line between name calling and flirting.

Han and Leia Valentine Cookies (Ellie's Bites)(I messed those up, but wanted to include them anyway, just because….) “Stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking nerf herder”. A scruffy looking Harrison Ford? OK.

Thank you, Lene, for giving me an excuse to make Han and Leia cookies! I’ve always wanted an edible version of Harrison Ford! (Did I say that out loud?)

Look at everyone else who joined in and made fun cookies!

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6. Sharon – The Plaid Cookie Company

7. Kim – The Cookie Puzzle

8. Lene (that’s me!) – Not Your Everyday Cookie

PicMonkey Collage4

*Please note- there was a late addition to the collage so I edited this post to include the new picture.


Love Cookies

Oh, hand cutting. Most people hate it. I actually find that it gives me freedom to make a shape that I want rather than trying to find or make a cutter that would work, especially if it’s something I’m only going to use once. Don’t get me wrong, my cookie cutter collection takes up a wall of my dining room. But my most important cookie tool is a sharp knife.

To make these cookies, I printed out the word “LOVE” in my favorite font- Cast Iron. I cut out the letters and traced around them with a knife. Then I decorated them.

Love in Cast Iron Font (Ellie's Bites)

Cutting out your own cookies gives you the freedom to choose your size and make any design adjustments easily.

While I’m on the subject of cookie cutters, though. A few weeks ago, I was feeling down. My husband took my daughter out for a bit and while they were out they stopped to pick up a little gift to cheer me up. My husband remembered that I had wanted a candy thermometer (making my own marshmallows has been on my to-do list for the past few years- lack of candy thermometer has been my excuse). While they were at Sur La Table, Ellie picked up a cookie cutter she insisted I “NEEDED”. So I made her a special love cookie using her cutter.

Love and Seashell (Ellie's Bites)What she didn’t know is that I DID have that cutter already, but I had warped it a few years ago to make Big Bird for the first set of cookies I ever blogged about.  Just do me a favor and DO NOT visit that link. I’ll curl up from embarrassment!

Speaking of marshmallows, I have to mention that Ben calls them “mee-mows”. That’s all.

I’m linking up to my friend Melissa’s new series at Simply Sweets by Honeybee.

 Simply Sweets by Honeybee

I Heart….

So it has been so long since I have posted anything, that I almost forgot my password to WordPress. Whoops!

These cookies were inspired by a conversation I had with my almost two-year-old son. It went something like this-

Me: “I love you, Ben!!!!” (kiss kiss kiss hug hug hug….)

Ben: (looking over my shoulder) “ELMO!!!!!!” (Squirms out of my arms to get the book he spotted on the floor)

Hmmm. I rank somewhere below Elmo.

Definitely below Cookie Monster. And some days, I feel like I even come after the Mouse from “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”.

Oh well. He loved me enough when I gave him this:

And, of course, for Ellie who tells me she loves me a million times a day (and not always followed by “can I have…?”) I made a version for her, too.

I know she loves me more than she loves Hello Kitty. But I think I still rank a little lower than Rebecca, her American Girl Doll.

Someday they’ll appreciate me. I think I learned to appreciate my parents somewhere around my junior year of college.

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Personal Style

When you started making cookies, did you start out with a style of your own, or did you see so many great cookies out there with such a wide range of styles, that you wanted to be them all? Me too. I mean, be them all. I wanted to make really cool puffy and full looking cookies like SugarBelle, and I wanted to make gorgeous detailed cookies like Ali Bee’s, and I wanted to make unreal cookies like JP Creatibles, and for a while I outlined everything in black like something I had seen on Sweetopia. And the list could go on and on forever. In the beginning, I just flat out copied other cookies I saw and liked (if you ever see one on FaceBook or Flickr, please remind me who did it originally and  I will be sure to go back and give credit).

Anyway, I have a point! As much as we would like to make cookies EXACTLY like our cookie idol, and sometimes like more than one of them, at some point we find our own style and that’s when we know we have it in us to make some gorgeous cookies.

A few months ago, a friend asked me to make some baby cookies for a shower. She gave me NO information, just that they didn’t know the baby’s gender, there was no theme, and no particular color scheme. Then she said, “just do whatever you want, I know they’ll be great” (like she always says, lol). So I mixed up some white, yellow, and green icing, with no real plan in mind, I thought I’d make them white with some cute wet on wet green and yellow designs. Once I started, I HATED them. I cried. I almost threw them out. But I let them dry, and later piped on some details in white. Then I couldn’t stop looking at them. I LOVED them, I almost couldn’t give them up!

I did the same thing with some of my Christmas cookies. I found a swirly tree design I liked on Pinterest, and planned to pipe it onto a tree shaped cookie. At the last minute I decided to pipe on some “lights” using wet-on-wet.

And, besides the red which bled into the green, I loved these, too!

So, even though I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions, (I have so many short and long term goals that I try to maintain all year)  I decided that this year, I would perfect my personal style, and stop trying to be others. I’m not saying that I won’t occasionally follow one of SugarBelle’s awesome tutorials or try to attempt to recreate one of JP Creatibles’ unreal designs. But my goal is to work on my own thing.

So for my first step, I am working on the art of piping. I’ll be doing a lot of piping practice and sharing my pictures here. I really hope to get some feed back and advice!!!

Here is my first set of Valentine Cookies. Can you guess who they are for (rather who was staring at me from the other side of the breakfast bar saying “write my name on that one!”)???

Oh, and I also want to work on my photography skills. I took five pictures of these two cookies and these were the only ones even worth using. So advice there is also welcome.

So do you have any resolutions? Have you found a style you like best?