Disorganized Me

I have sort of a cute story about food coloring, then I have a few pictures to share.

When I was making these cookies, Ellie asked what colors I would be making. I told her a light green and a really pale purple color called lavender. She started arguing with me, that lavender is a very, very light PINK, not PURPLE. Well, she’s five, and I am… significantly older. So I was going to ignore her, after all, what could a five (sorry, five and a half) year old know about the many different shades of purple? After all, if you ask a man what color is lavender, what would he say? Go ahead, ask one.

That night, as I was about to mix my colors, I began to doubt myself. I googled lavender, and saw that the flowers were purple as I suspected, but underneath the purple fuzz, there was definite pink. So I consulted the food color mixing master (Callye at SugarBelle put together this fantastic color chart) and, of course, Ellie was right. There is a dab of purple and a whole lot of pink in lavender.

The next morning, I asked Ellie how she knew lavender. She told me there is a lavender crayon in the bucket at Sunday school. Really?

Now, yesterday, one of my favorite cookie bloggers, LilaLoa,  asked us to share pictures of our food coloring organizational systems. Hahahahaha! I figured maybe if I share the ridiculous black hole I call my “food coloring organizational system”, I might be embarrassed enough to fix it. So here goes (Gorganne- you haven’t seen anything yet!):

This is the cabinet shelf where I keep my Americolor gels, my recently used Wilton tubs, and recently used sprinkles (the term “recently used” is used loosely here). It doesn’t look like much, but it goes all the way to the back.

That collection spills out onto the shelf below. These are some of the colors that my SIL picked up for me during a recent Hobby Lobby excursion (the nearest store is a good 2 1/2- 3 hours from us).

And this is the box where I keep my Wilton tubs. FYI- they tend to leak. I keep this box in the corner cabinet under the breakfast bar, where I also used to keep my cookie cutters (all jumbled up into one or two boxes).

I recently got around to organizing the cookie cutters and getting them out of the kitchen cabinets. We decided that our dining room would be put to better use right now as a craft and craft storage room. With small children, we only invest in IKEA quality furniture right now, and until Bryan is finally finished with school, we can’t buy the dining room table we have our eye on (besides the kids would destroy it, there’s good reason Ben’s full name is “Benjamin the Destroyer”).

I am inspired now to do SOMETHING with these food coloring bottles. I’m just not sure what yet.




2 thoughts on “Disorganized Me

  1. Love this post! I (very recently!) had a box of Wiltons that looked just like your last pic! lol I found some small plastic drawer organizers at the dollar store that I sorted them into and I am lovin’ it. Now, if I could just decide on a system for my cutters!

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