Inspiration Challenge: November {Show Me Your State}

So, when Melissa and I agreed to this challenge last month, I had no idea my state would be so front and center in the news! In my part of New Jersey, we were very fortunate. Personally we lost power for roughly 14 hours. We had no property damage. My parents, who only live five minutes away, didn’t lose power at all, so we were able to go to their house for a little while.

My heart breaks for those who lost everything. But this is a strong state. Everyone will pull together and rebuild. Our beaches will be rebuilt, and those who live there will move back. And there is a reason for that. Although New Jersey is often the punchline to the joke, everyone who lives here can’t imagine living anywhere else. Well, we can imagine. Especially for a brief period after we open the envelopes containing the tax bills. But, as is often the case, you pay for what you get. And we get it all. From anywhere in New Jersey, you are roughly one to two hours from the beach, the mountains, farmland, and two major cities.

When I decided on the design of my cookies a couple of weeks ago, I was focusing, not on the TV shows our state is famous for (there will be no Snookie Cookie… anyway, I couldn’t top this one by Arty McGoo if I tried!) but on my state’s nickname: The Garden State.

There are a total of at least four working farms within 20 minutes of my house. I work for my parents in their dental office, where, in the backyard, my dad grows enough produce to get them through the summer!!! I didn’t inherit that ability from him. I can’t keep a houseplant alive, let alone a garden.

I had planned to drive around and take some beautiful pictures of our fall foliage and maybe even take a drive to the shore to take some pictures there, but this month got away from me and then the wind and rain kept me in the house for the past few days. Then before I realized it, it was November first and it was too late. If I have a chance in the future, I’ll come back and add some pictures.

As far as the cookies go, I found some clip art I liked of the various vegetables above and used the pictures as a template to hand cut them. Then I used a mixture of royal icing, painted food coloring, and food safe markers to decorate them.

And this is what I think of, when I think of New Jersey. I AM a real housewife, and the closest I come to GTL is G(L)2-T. But there is one stereotype that I think most New Jersey residents will admit is accurate.

“What exit are you from?”

Now go visit Melissa at Simple Sweets By Honeybee to see her Texas cookies. I know she is super proud of her state and she always does an amazing job with her cookies!!! While you are there, you can link up the cookies that show us your state.

Then start thinking up your ideas for our December challenge: Winter Wonderland.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Challenge: November {Show Me Your State}

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  2. So random, I was scrolling through your blog this evening and came across this post – I love it!! As a NJ newbie, I am still adjusting to life here but have come to begin love this place. I still don’t know what exit I’m from (#4?)…but think I have finally figured out the crazy roads and U-turns! And I absolutely am addicted to the Farmer’s Markets! Then I clicked on Melissa’s Texas cookies and got a little homesick…wah! But so fun that we can all connect from all parts of the world and walks of life. I am hoping to enter January’s challenge if I can pull it together. Thanks for inspiring so many with your beautiful work!

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