Butterfly Fairy Cookies (How-To!)

I had an idea. It may have had something to do with having “Barbie, A Fairy Secret” playing on loop on the TV for the past few days. Butterfly fairy cookies. Right now Ellie is telling me she wants a Barbie Fairy Secret birthday party. I am not starting to plan yet… last week she wanted a “Meg from Hercules” party, and the week before that she wanted “Daphne from Scooby Doo.” Her 5th birthday is in August so I’m sure her little mind will change AT LEAST once more, if not a thousand times more! But I thought I could whip up a few cookies and this weekend we could have one of our theme days.

I didn’t want to run out and buy a butterfly fairy cookie cutter, (ok… I did look and Sur La Table did not have what I had in mind) but I already had a ballerina and a dragonfly.

Start by cutting out the ballerina (you will want to make sure your dough is well chilled, and dip your cutter into flour- those arms and legs are a b***h to get out with out breaking off!) Then cut the top half of the dragonfly:

Use the ballerina to cut the body out of the dragonfly:

And place the wings from the dragonfly onto your ballerina body (like a puzzle piece):

(Gently push them together… I didn’t take a picture of that part)

I thought it would be fun to make one fly, so I used the opening of a #10 tip to punch a hole in one of the wings:

After baking let cool completely and decorate however you want. I didn’t want to make these too Barbie-ish just incase Ellie was over this movie before tomorrow, so I based mine on the really cute invitation we got for our friend’s daughter’s first birthday.

My favorite part is the disco dust on the wings. I love that stuff!

(Off topic a little: I’m trying to play around with my photography, unfortunately, this has not been the week for natural light in NJ. I was so excited to find this one little corner of my front room that was perfect!)

And this flying fairy?

I’m going to leave her here and see how long it takes Ellie to notice. I’m guessing roughly 18 seconds. I swear that girl can sniff out a cookie like a blood hound. 🙂



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