More Ballerina Cookies

Here is another set of cookies that I had sitting on my computer, all set and ready to go since, like, June.

“Doing Stuff” all summer totally got in the way of the important things.

Not really. I love all of my readers, and my Facebook friends. But I can’t regret anything this summer. It was absolutely the best. Although Bryan still works weekends, so by the time Sunday night rolls around, I am praying for a full year school year (that starts at age two-and-a-half), I really enjoyed bonding with my kids. Ellie had the time of her life at camp, Ben and I spent a lot of time in the pool. I started going to the gym and, although actual weight loss is going slowly, I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a long time. And, since my kids are so freaking active, we are all happier when I can keep up with them.

Now, fall is in the air. School starts late this year (not until the Thursday after labor day), but we are already about three weeks in to cheer leading practices, and we had our first Daisy (leader) meeting. (Yes, you read right- I am leading this year…along with four other extremely creative, fun, and energetic moms, so I am really looking forward to it.) Ellie’s first grade class is full of her friends this year and she is really excited about her teacher. Ben and I are planning on sticking to our gym/pool routine since the gym has an indoor kiddie pool. Maybe I’ll even get him some lessons.

And, of course, coming back to how much I love my Facebook friends. A while back I mentioned that it would be really cool if I reached the number of “Likes” equal to the year I was born before my birthday. And I did. And, no, I’m not sharing when exactly it happened. Just trust me that it did 🙂

So, as soon as I get my sh…  act together, I will be having a giveaway. For the past several months, I have been collecting random cookie cutters whenever I could. So I am just going to put them all in a box and send it to someone. I may not even look myself to see what is there. It will just be the luck of the drawl. Keep your eyes open, I’ll get it together soon.

These cookies were made, way back in the spring, to celebrate a dance recital. The little girl’s mom wanted cookies in the color of the adorable little costumes the dancers wore, and I made a personalized bouquet for each girl.


Enjoy your last days of summer!


2 thoughts on “More Ballerina Cookies

  1. Sounds as if your summer has been wonderful. Congratulations on both joining a gym and becoming a Daisy leader. I think it’s a great idea that Ben takes swimming lessons, all kids should if they have the opportunity too.
    These cookies are great, love the colours you chose, so bright and cheery! Best wishes for a great year back at school 🙂

  2. Love these adorable cookies and so jealous of your beautiful yellow frill around the circle cookies! It sounds like you’ve had a really enjoyable summer with the kids. You’re new volunteer position will keep you busy, but also active and your daughter will remember your involvement! Hugs!

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